Hunter Lab
Cleansing Shave Foam
A natural high performance shaving lubricant crafted with Australian native extracts Quandong, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed to help cleanse,...
Daimon Barber
Honeybee Complex & Propolis Shave Cream
This rich shave cream softens hair to achieve the perfect close shave. Filagrin is a protein made by skin cells that...
Baxter of California
Shave Tonic
The unique shaving experience from the Baxter Finley Barber & Shop comes home. This new revitalising Shave Tonic helps you get the...
Daimon Barber
Cooling Post Shave Balm
A lightweight moisturising lotion that helps rejuvenate and comfort just shaven skin. Myramaze is an ingredient that invigorates, regenerates and...
The Groomed Man Co
Morning Wood Beard Oil
Wake up with ‘Morning Wood’ Beard Oil! A mix of high quality pure to botanical oils such as organic Argan...
The Groomed Man Co
Man Mint Beard Oil
Don’t worry gentlemen, you won’t smell like a tube of toothpaste! A mix of high quality pure to botanical oils...
Man Mint Beard Balm Sold Out
The Groomed Man Co
Man Mint Beard Balm
Man Mint beard + all purpose balm is a fast absorbing, low wax formulation designed to provide a light to medium...
The Groomed Man Co
Cool Cola Hair & Beard Shampoo
An all natural take on a classic fizz, packed full of bubbles to tackle the frizz. Bring drying, lifeless and...
The Groomed Man Co
Cool Cola Hair & Beard Conditioner
So you’re back for that refill and it’s obvious why, once you apply you’ll feel pretty fly. Rehabilitate your hair...
Hexagon 3 Piece Shaving Set, Silvertip Fibre, in Graphite
Mühle has collaborated with renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun to produce this premium Hexagon 3 piece shave set. It's hexagonal profile...